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Casting - What You Should Know

Casting - What You Should Know

We can select the mold material that best suits your piece. Generally, there is 1% to 6% shrinkage from master to finished piece. Shrinkage has been calculated from in-house tests and manufacturer specifications and may be different depending on model geometry. (Example: Marquise dimensions change differently than squares and outside dimensions change differently than inside dimensions.)

It is your responsibility to plan for the dimensional change in your parts based on your needs. Consider your model’s sprue location, mold material, finishing process and final part requirements. Please call or e-mail with any dimensional change (shrinkage), concerns or for further assistance.

Our product development department takes great care to engineer the highest quality into each cast product. Most designers, model carvers, and retail jewelers do not have the time or equipment to fully test their one of a kind or limited production designs in this manner. We often receive esthetically beautiful waxes or computer generated models that do not account for the natural laws of precious metal flow dynamics. These technical design issues often cause porosity, non-fills, and other casting defects.

Based on our experience and testing capability we can compensate for these issues by changing sprues, adding risers, adjusting flask and metal temperatures or recommending a change in the model. If you choose not to have modifications to your molds or models, Hoover & Strong cannot guarantee satisfactory results. We reserve the right to reject a model mold, or waxes if we feel that the labor required to produce the order exceeds our costs, or that the results will produce poor quality due to pre-existing uncorrected defects.




If you want us to work from your mold or metal model, we may recommend modifications to ensure quality. We may need to replace, modify, move, or completely alter the feed sprue system of your metal model to get the best casting results. Minor alterations are typically done at no charge. Major alterations to molds, or sprue changes on models, are done for a fee. Sprue changes on models will also require making a new mold for a minimal fee. We will contact you in advance regarding any recommended changes.

If you have spent a lot of time or money making a hand carved wax or rapid prototype, it is always in your best interest to make an RTV mold of your valuable design. The small $30 + investment in a mold is far cheaper than re-carving or rebuilding your design again in the event of a less than satisfactory casting. Back up molds are always made in RTV. The casting and mold department will make individual decisions on what type of mold is needed based on the model sent. Refer to the model section of our casting tips article on our website.

Finishing: We offer a number of finishing methods; from mass tumbling to hand polishing delicately designed jewelry.

Security: Hoover & Strong will not copy or infringe on a customer’s copyright and is not liable for copyright infringements by others. It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain ownership of the submitted design. Hoover & Strong will  not cast designs that have trademarks other than those owned by the customer. These trademarks can be real or implied, i.e. an actual stamp or pieces with known protection such as proprietary designs.

Send models and waxes to Hoover & Strong, Attention: Contract Casting Department

Fed Ex or UPS are best; Only use the U.S. Postal Service if the package is insured and able to be tracked. Please package wax models very carefully in a small box. We suggest that you don’t use tissues to wrap the waxes. Use a soft, fibrous material that will not leave behind lint.  Please rinse solvents off waxes as dust and lint will stick to them. Tape the small box inside a large box before mailing.

Also, enclose the name of your company, contact name, phone number, metal karat to cast product in, polish level of finishing (if desired) and payment option for your order. Hoover & Strong is not responsible for models lost or damaged during shipment.

Email your CAD models to: CAD@hooverandstrong.com OR upload them to our FTP site. Call 1-800-759-9997 for FTP site access information.

Casting Time Frames

1–20 Piece Orders: Customer provides wax for direct cast 3-4 business days.

(Delivery times may vary. Contact Hoover & Strong for up-to-date delivery time frames.)

1-50 Piece Orders: Customer provides mold 7-10 business days.

New Model and Mold Services: 10-14 business days
(Wax has to be cast, cleaned up with correct sprue, molded, cut and injected. Then waxes must be cleaned, treed and cast.)

Platinum and Palladium orders: 5-7 business days

Mold(s) with Order: 7-10 business days
These are general time frames, we always strive to expedite the processing of your order. Casting time frames are subject to change due to volume of orders in-house & holiday seasons.

Prior to sending your casting order, complete and sign our CONTRACT CASTING FORM.

STONE SUBMISSION FORM (this must be completed and submitted with any stones you send to us)


We believe in a responsible and transparent supply chain and do our part to offer products that live up to these values. We offer both recycled materials and responsibly sourced, newly mined materials so you can choose what fits best with your business objectives.

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