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Gold $1,700.50
Silver $20.44
Platinum $920.00
Palladium $2,278.00
Iridium $4,050.00
Ruthenium $495.00
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Casting Services

With over a century of experience in lost-wax-casting, Hoover & Strong is ready and able to meet all of your casting needs. With as little as 3-day turnarounds on waxes, molds and CAD work, you can rest assured that your desired goals will be within reach. With our full-service factory behind us, we are capable of allowing you success on production level casting as well as the simplest one-off designs.

Please contact one of our casting specialists for more information on our services at: CASTING@HOOVERANDSTRONG.COM or call Lauren at 800-759-9997.


Hoover & Strong
10700 Trade Road
N. Chesterfield, VA 23236
Attention: Contract Casting Department

Before you send your waxes and masters, please inspect them for:

Surface bubbles, heavy file marks, flashing, incomplete prongs, bearings or bezels, dirt or metal filings on or in the wax, small gaps, cracks or parting lines in your wax. Also, check for the proper Karat markings if needed in your models and masters.

Shipping Your Waxes, Masters and Molds:

For tracking purposes, Fed Ex or UPS are best. The U.S. Postal Service should only be used if you are insuring your items (also for tracking purposes). Wax models should be very carefully packed into a smaller box to avoid any kind of shock. That smaller box should be taped to the inside of a larger box for protection. Use soft fibrous material that will not leave behind lint or allow much movement. Please ensure waxes are dry, with no solvent residue to avoid dust buildup.

Click the big blue button below to get a free casting estimate using our online calculator!

Custom Casting Calculator


Hoover & Strong requires a completed and signed CONTRACT CASTING FORM for all orders. The TERMS AND AGREEMENT page (located on the back of the CONTRACT CASTING FORM) only needs to be completed 1 time.

The STONE SUBMISSION FORM is required for any job that includes customer stones.


Bring your ideas to life with our experts while fulfilling the needs and desires of your customers. Our CAD team allows for the ultimate in service regarding your custom jobs. Our top-notch designer can quickly adapt your sketch or idea into reality. Send us your sketch or idea and watch your jewelry come to life!

CAD Pricing:

$150 average price depending on complexity and required design time.

A one piece minimum for gold, platinum and palladium. Minimum of 25 production pieces for sterling.

Not an HFA customer? Call 1-800-759-9997 to learn how to become one.

Production CAD Services

Use our CAD services to design your model for our casting services. Send in your sketch and we will walk it through design to production using our full services CAD department, prototyping and casting facility. 25 piece minimum on silver orders.

CAD Service Charge
CAD $125/hour, average time 2 hours


IMPORTANT - Hoover & Strong will not cast or copy copyrighted models unless they belong to you. Please check your models for proper karat stamps before you send them in.


CAM/WAX Printing

Simply send us your CAD model and let us handle the rest. We will print it, cast it in an array of 100% Harmony precious metals and alloys, finish it from hand polish to setting, or clip and ship it. We put the power of options in your hands!

We will accept 3DM and STL file types to print your 3D model.


Or, upload your files to our FTP site. Call Lauren at 800-759-9997 for info.

When submitting drawings, make sure you fill out our online CAD Services Form and supply all of the specifications including:
  • metal preference and karat to be cast
  • finger size
  • ring width at top and bottom
  • height at top and bottom
  • all stone sizes and number of stones
  • metal weight
  • level of finishing desired (raw casting or a polished piece)
CAM Service Charge
Wax Printing $15/hour, average time 12 hours

NEED HELP? Contact one of our expert CAD designers for assistance when designing your CAD files and for any shrinkage or dimensional concerns.

Lead times may vary based on the complexity of your custom piece. Rush Fee (Less than 25 pieces - 3 days in house, 5 days if making a mold) is $25 - Limit 25 pcs of up to 3 different items, clip & ship or burnish only.




Once your product is cast we offer a range of services than can decrease your workload.

Some of our most popular services are:

  • Mass Finishing
  • Hand Polishing
  • Karat Stamping
  • Stone Setting
  • Rhodium Plating

For those that want to finish the product themselves, ask for Clip and Ship.

Finishing Services Charges
*Burnish Finish (charged by dwt of pieces) starting at $1.50/pc
 *Mass Finish (3 stages) (charged by dwt. of pieces)  starting at $5.00
 *Hand Polish (simple finish, brush & buff)  $11.25 average
 Finishing:  Sand Blast or Bead Blast**  starting at $2
 Finishing:  Rhodium Plating**  starting at $5
 Finishing:  Satin Finish (hand applied)**  starting at $5
 Karat Stamping  $2.50
 Melee Stone Setting  starting at $2.50
 Center Stone Setting  starting at $4.50

*Pricing for gold and silver. Prices slightly higher for palladium and platinum. **Masking is an additional $10.

PLEASE NOTE: Mass Finishing is only available for sterling pieces.

We perform all types of stone setting for:

Melee - Pave, Bezel, Burnish, Prong
Large Stones
- Bezel, Prong

Prices for stone setting start at $2.50.


  • Quality casting manufactured in Harmony 100% recycled casting grains
  • Competitive pricing; we have volume discounts for annual purchase commitments
  • Quick and reasonable turn-around times
  • FREE consultation and technical advice


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