09-27-22 Metal Markets
Gold $1,634.30
Silver $18.68
Platinum $859.00
Palladium $2,090.00
Iridium $4,050.00
Ruthenium $495.00
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Coins & Bullion

Harmony Coins and Bullion

Our Harmony coins and bullions are made with 100% HARMONY RECYCLED METALS. We also offer a number of minted coins as an accommodation to our customers.

Non-HarmonyMinted coins, regardless of karat metal, are non-Harmony and are not made from recycled metals.


COINS - Fine Gold Coins


COINS - Fine Platinum Coins


COINS - Fine Silver Coins


BUL - Pure Gold Bullion

Pure Gold is available in 5 and 10oz bullions. A $25 manufacturing fee will be added per bullion after your order is placed. Please call for special order sizes such as kilo, 50oz and 100oz.


BUL - Fine Silver Bullion

Fine Silver is available in 5oz, 10oz, 35.3oz, 50oz and 100oz. A $25 manufacturing fee will be added per bullion after your order is placed.



Coin & Bullion Payment:

Fine Gold, Fine Silver and Fine Platinum coins and bullion orders will be priced at the metal market on the date order is received, if products are in stock. Large quantity and Non Stock items will be billed on the metal market of the following day.   

New customers will be required to pay in advance by wire transfer.

Well established customers may choose from the following options:

1. Wire transfer
We will provide the order total and wire transfer instructions. Metal markets will be held for three business days. If payment is received after this time, we reserve the right to re-calculate the order based on the metal market on the date payment is received.

2. Credit Card
Product must ship to the billing or shipping address we have on file for your business. No drop shipments.

3. Net 30
Account must be established and in good standing.  

Coins and Bullion Return Policy:
Coins and bullion will be accepted for credit through our refining services.

Gold payment is based on the metal markets of the date package is received.


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