10-05-22 Metal Markets
Gold $1,700.50
Silver $20.44
Platinum $920.00
Palladium $2,278.00
Iridium $4,050.00
Ruthenium $495.00
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Company Policies


flagNew Accounts

New Accounts - Hoover & Strong is in full compliance with the USA Patriot Act and its Anti Money Laundering provision. Hoover & Strong does not sell to the general public. You will be asked to provide a government issued identification number such as your Federal Tax ID #, Social Security #, state issued driver’s license, passport, or state issued ID card. All information submitted will be held in strict confidence. This is for the protection of Hoover & Strong as well as our customers.

We collect Virginia state sales tax on all Virginia businesses. For exemption, we must have a Virginia Tax Exempt Form (Form ST-11) on file. A copy of the Virginia Tax Exempt Form can be found here.

Payment Terms

We offer several payment options. Regardless of which method you choose, name or address change requests must be submitted to us in writing, on your company letterhead or via email.

Credit Cards

We accept VISA®, MasterCard®, American Express or Discover. We will ship to your credit card’s billing address only, for new accounts. This address will be verified with the credit card provider. Your credit card will be charged at time of order shipment.

credit cards

Credit cards are not accepted for 24K grain or bullion on new accounts. These products must be paid in advance by wire transfer. We do not accept credit card payment for Net 30 invoices.

Net 30

Net30Net 30 day terms are available to those customers that are top rated with Dun & Bradstreet or The Jewelers Board of Trade. Customers that are not rated with either but have substantial credit information and trade references will be considered for credit. You may complete a credit application on our website.

Invoices accompany each shipment with payment due 30 days from invoice date. Invoices not paid within 30 days are subject to a finance charge of 1% per month (12% APR). An account summary is shown on every invoice and statements are available by email, upon request.

Credit applications can be downloaded from our website or completed using our online form. If downloading the form, please return by fax to 800-616-9997 or email it to: credit@hooverandstrong.com. We will notify you by mail when our credit process is complete and ask that you allow three business days for processing.

discountRefining or Cash Discount

We offer a 1% discount for select products when the invoice is prepaid or when ordering against a refining credit. Just call in your order and we will give you the dollar amount to send. We will process your order as soon as the payment arrives.

We will hold prices for three business days. Pool accounts are available for volume mill and jewelry customers only. There is a 200 dwt (10 oz) minimum for these transactions, except refining deposits. Call for details.


COD shipping is available via Federal Express or 1st Class Mail. New accounts may pay by company check up to $1,000 with amounts over this requiring payment by Cashier Check or money order.

There is a $30 fee for returned checks. 24K grain or bullion cannot ship COD for new customers. This product must be prepaid by wire transfer.

International Orders

internationalWe welcome business from around the world, and will do everything possible to provide you with prompt service and the best method of shipment.

Hoover will ship up to $25,000 per package per day to our international customers.

Orders will be delivered via FED EX international or you may contact us for other shipping options. We accept international wire transfer or credit cards for payment. 

All orders to be paid by wire transfer are assessed a $25 wire transfer fee. Freight charges are dependent upon actual weight of package.

Be advised that we may not be able to ship to all countries.



Written Orders

Order forms and refining payment forms are available on our website.

Phone Orders

800.759.9997 or 804.794.3700
International: 01.804.794.3700

You do not need to have an account number as we use your business name and phone number when you call to place an order. Please have style number and all size information handy.

Hoover & Strong makes every effort to maintain stock of catalog items, but this may not always be possible due to volume fluctuations.

Stock items such as casting grain, sizing wire, solder and most jewelry components placed before 3:00 will ship next day. Backorders under $100 ship USPS at no charge.

Fax Orders

Order by fax 24 hours a day toll free. West Coast orders may be faxed to our company after hours to ensure prompt processing of your order the following business day.

Fax: 800.616.9997
Fax: 804.794.5687


General: info@hooverandstrong.com

Diamonds: diamonds@hooverandstrong.com

Refining: refining@hooverandstrong.com

Returns: returns@hooverandstrong.com

Order Accuracy

Hoover & Strong emails an "order confirmation" to every customer after an order is accepted to assure that the items entered into the system are in fact aligned with the customer’s request. We must have your email address to send you a confirmation. We ask that our customers review these order confirmations upon receipt, and alert us if there are any inconsistencies. Hoover & Strong may charge a 10% restocking or scrapping fee for returns in which the order confirmation wasn’t questioned or reviewed.


If you have questions about our products, billing, delivery or refining, please call between 9AM and 5:30PM Eastern time: 800-759-9997 or 804-794-3700.



Made to Order Items

These are items that are Made To Order based on specific customer needs. These items may require additional delivery time and may include, but are not limited to:

  • annealed material
  • wire drawn hard
  • customer tradestamped products
  • special finger sizes
  • solitaires not in catalog
  • dimension changes on bands
  • flat sheet
  • circles, washers, charms
  • seamless ring blanks
  • stone-set pieces
  • non-stocked metals
  • tooling needed

Returns (updated May 16, 2018)

Please call one of our sales associates at 1-800-759-9997 or send an email to: returns@hooverandstrong.com to receive a Return Authorization Number before sending any items back to Hoover and Strong. Detailed instructions will be provided to ensure your return and refund are processed quickly.

If there was an error on our part, full credit will be issued. If there was an error on your part or you no longer need the item, please return within 30 days, in the original packaging and with a copy of your invoice. We charge a 10% restocking fee for exchanging or returning materials that we can restock.

The following are credited at intrinsic value* only:

  • Returns received more than 30 days from the original invoice date
  • All Made To Order items - These are items that are Made To Order based on specific customer needs. These items may require additional delivery time and may include, but are not limited to:
    • Customer tradestamped products
    • Special finger sizes
    • Dimension changes on bands
    • Seamless ring blanks
    • Stone-set pieces
    • Non-stocked metals
    • Tooling needed
  • Any merchandise that has been altered in any way by the customer (i.e., engraved, sized, drawn, annealed etc.)

*intrinsic value (metal value)

Diamond Sales and Return Policy: (updated May 16, 2018)

  • Diamond melee weights may vary and are billed according to the actual carat weight supplied.
  • Most findings and mountings are available set with our diamond melee. All items set with diamonds are made to order and are able to be returned for intrinsic value only.
  • Special order stones, including but not limited to, non-stock diamond qualities, colored diamonds and non-stock gemstones are non-returnable, non-cancelable and non-refundable. Additionally, special stone orders may incur a stone handling fee of $39.
  • Loose diamonds sold may be returned if a return authorization number has been obtained within 2 business days of receipt. Diamonds must be shipped overnight or second day, in a box marked "attention department 291". 
  • The acceptance of a return of any diamond after 2 business days will be at the sole discretion of Hoover & Strong. A minimum 10% re-stocking fee will apply. Additional fees will be at the sole discretion of Hoover & Strong.
  • Certified diamonds will be shipped with the original certificate only when invoiced. A $150.00 minimum charge will be applied to any account not returning the original certification with the diamond. Additional fees may apply and are at the sole discretion of Hoover & Strong. 

Loose Diamond Memo Policy:

  • Any single diamond priced at over $500 can be ordered on consignment for review ("on memo") in the US only.
  • Customers are limited to not more than three diamonds on memo at any given time.
  • Diamonds will be shipped on memo only upon request and subject to prior approval of the credit department. A credit card deposit may be required and will be at the sole discretion of Hoover & Strong.
  • Diamonds on memo will not be shipped with the original certificate.
  • Diamonds on memo must be shipped back within 5 business days of receipt. Diamonds must be shipped overnight or second day, in a box marked "attention department 291".
  • Diamonds not received back within 7 business days will be billed to the customer and the original certificate will be sent to the customer. 
  • The customer is responsible for all shipping and handling charges.
  • The acceptance of a return of a memo diamond after 7 business days and the fees involved will be at the sole discretion of Hoover & Strong.
  • A $25.00 minimum charge will be applied to any account not returning diamonds on memo in their original packaging. (updated April 2014)

Lab Grown Diamonds Sale Terms & Conditions

By accepting the delivery of any lab grown diamond from H&S you agree that you understand the meaning of these descriptions, that you have no doubt over the man-made provenance of our lab grown diamonds as disclosed by us and as mandated by the FTC and similar regulatory bodies in other legal territories, and that every lab grown diamond offered on our website is “man made” whether or not a mention of the word “diamond” includes this qualifier or not.

You further hereby agree that H&S not be liable for any loss, harm or liability arising from any deception or relating to the origin of the lab grown diamonds in excess of the total value paid by you for the lab grown diamond. Under no circumstance shall H&S be liable for damages, losses or for any liability or penalties of any kind in connection with fraudulent or deceptive representation, claims regarding false advertising or unfair competition.

You further acknowledge that each and every lab grown diamond obtained from H&S is laser inscribed as such, and that resale will be subject to such marking and disclosure. You agree that you shall not market, resell, distribute, or induce or permit others to market, resell, or distribute our lab grown diamonds by stating, advertising, or implying any different provenance or origin than fact and you will make any subsequent purchaser aware of the markings and disclosure requirements regarding the origin of the lab grown diamonds.

Under no circumstances shall H&S be considered liable for misleading advertising in connection with a resale transaction or any subsequent transfer of the lab grown diamonds, and under no circumstance shall H&S be liable for damages, losses or any penalties in connection with fraudulent representation or any misrepresentation or confusing statements of any kind. You hereby agree to indemnify and hold H&S harmless for any failure to comply with the above disclosure requirements and for any misleading statements or inferences made by you or any of your representatives regarding the origin of the lab grown diamonds. (added May 1, 2017)


The metal market prices for Hoover & Strong are set daily on or before 11:00 AM EST each day. Metal prices are based upon when your order ships. If the order ships same day, it will receive the current day’s market price, if the order ships any day after the order date, the market will hold for the following day’s market price. Orders placed after 4:00 PM EST via web, fax or email may be processed on the next business day. For example, if you place an order after 4:00 PM EST on Monday, your order may be processed on Tuesday and the metal market price will reflect the market of Wednesday.

Market price is the second London fix plus a surcharge, weights of product will vary. Certain special order items and custom items may have additional production costs.

All diamond orders are considered made-to-order, non-returnable, non-cancelable and non-refundable.

Prices and weights are approximate and are subject to change without prior notice. Hoover & Strong is not responsible for publishing errors.


Product Availability and Pricing

At Hoover & Strong, we make every effort to ensure accuracy in the products and information listed on our website. However, due to the potential for rapidly changing inventory and/or electronic system errors, incorrect data may rarely appear on our site. These errors may include, but may not be limited to, information regarding product pricing and availability. Should this occur, Hoover & Strong reserves the right to correct these errors and will not honor incorrectly listed pricing or availability information.



golden guaranteeWe guarantee all of our products against defects in material and workmanship. If you feel the product purchased from us does not meet the highest standards you may return it to us for a full refund or product exchange within 30 days of original purchase.

This warranty does not include accidental damage, theft or damage not due to manufacturing defects.



HFAHoover & Strong encourages our customers to enjoy special year round benefits and discounts when they join the Hoover Family Advantage Volume Discount Program (HFA). For annual volumes as low as $25,000, you will receive special discounts and unique benefits granted to only our HFA partners. One benefit is that HFA members receive pricing on minimal quantities at the same rate others receive for purchase of 10 pieces or more. Every order, large or small, will receive a discount! Additionally, increasing your discount rate is as easy as growing your business with us throughout the year!

Review the HFA benefits below to see if this discount program is right for you, then call us at 800-759-9997 to become an HFA member today!


  • You will save money with each and every order placed with Hoover & Strong regardless of size
  • Whether you order one piece, two pieces or ten pieces, you will receive your quantity discounts on all of our catalog products
  • 50% discount on Ship With fees
  • Priority shipping
  • Free or discount promotions such as special product discounts, free or discounted shipping offers


We have created a distributorship program designed to address our core distributors’ needs. By becoming a Hoover & Strong distributor, you can realize expanded sales and increased profits, while reducing your inventory carrying costs.

Hoover & Strong distributors are backed by the best customer service in the industry, and will have access to our vast inventory and technical resources.

You will be partnering with the most innovative mill, casting and jewelry manufacturers in the industry. We are anxious to serve you and your customers!


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