10-05-22 Metal Markets
Gold $1,700.50
Silver $20.44
Platinum $920.00
Palladium $2,278.00
Iridium $4,050.00
Ruthenium $495.00
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How It Works

Harmony Diamond Auctions, the newest addition to Hoover & Strong’s family of products and services, is a unique online auction that connects motivated wholesale buyers and sellers within the diamond and jewelry industry.  

Auctions will be held twice monthly and will feature single diamonds over 0.40ct each and diamond parcels of sizes +0.20ct (+17 sieve). Diamonds will be reviewed and graded by Hoover & Strong, unless provided by the Seller with a diamond certificate. Grading will be done according to strict GIA standards, and detailed descriptions as well as several high resolutions images will be available for each diamond listed for auction.

Diamond Auction Process

For over 105 years, Hoover & Strong continues to be the trusted, responsible supplier of quality products and services among the jewelry industry. Our cutting-edge online auction platform provides you with the best way to buy and sell recycled diamonds in the market risk free!

Experience the no risk rewards of Harmony Diamond Auctions!



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Diamond auctions are normally held twice a month starting on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of every month!


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Diamond Auctions


Diamond Auctions
The best way to buy and sell recycled
diamonds in the marketplace!

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