10-05-22 Metal Markets
Gold $1,700.50
Silver $20.44
Platinum $920.00
Palladium $2,278.00
Iridium $4,050.00
Ruthenium $495.00
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Finished Jewelry


Proudly serving the jewelry industry since 1912, Hoover & Strong offers the finest quality mill and findings products as well as reliable refining, casting and diamond services. We are committed to supplying responsibly sourced products made in the USA.



Inside Out Earrings
Machine Set Inside Out Earrings

We offer volume discounts to qualified customers. Please contact us at 800-759-9997 for more information about how you can qualify.




Discover Unique Finds at our Outlet Store!
See our selection of exceptional one-of a kind items, including certified recycled gemstones, recycled diamond parcels and pairs, True American Sapphires, certified lab grown diamonds and finished jewelry samples.


We believe in a responsible and transparent supply chain and do our part to offer products that live up to these values. We offer both recycled and responsibly sourced, newly mined materials so you can choose what fits best with your business objectives.

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