06-09-23 Metal Markets
Gold $1,960.30
Silver $24.32
Platinum $1,001.00
Palladium $1,324.00
Iridium $4,600.00
Ruthenium $465.00
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Hoover & Strong Metals Chart

H&S Metals Chart


Stock, Special and Custom Metals

As you look through our Mill Products section, you’ll notice that we have three metal categories for you to choose from:

Stock Metals

We keep stock metals listed in each product section in inventory. Because of this, we can guarantee next day shipping if ordered before 5:00 pm eastern time on most low volume items.

Made To Order Metals

Special metals have inventory, but may not be in the form you need and so we have to make your request to order. Because the special metals available may be different for each product, please call for availability. Add an additional day to lead times for most metals in this category. Minimum order quantities will apply.

Custom Metals

If you have your own metal that is not part of the Hoover & Strong range and you want us to make it for you, give us a call and we can discuss our custom manufacturing service. For this service, extended lead times and minimum order quantities will apply.

We hope you like this approach to ordering Mill Products from the most flexible supplier in the industry.

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