09-27-22 Metal Markets
Gold $1,634.30
Silver $18.68
Platinum $859.00
Palladium $2,090.00
Iridium $4,050.00
Ruthenium $495.00
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Payment Options

Refining with Hoover & Strong allows you to quickly and easily exchange your precious metal scrap for payment in cash or bullion and coins. It’s risk-free and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Payment Within 48 Hours!

Upon the arrival of your shipment AND your approval of our ASSESSMENT*, you will receive payment by check within 48 hours! If you prefer, you may want your return in fine gold or silver bullion and coins. With gold more than doubling in value over the last 5 years, bullion has proven to be a reliable investment. Hoover & Strong offers a variety of gold and silver bullion and coins shown below.

*Our fair payment offer is always subject to your approval. We guarantee to return your scrap if you are not completely satisfied.

We offer TWO CONVENIENT WAYS to receive your settlement on your precious metal scrap:

Cash In Hand1. If it’s cash you want, it’s cash you’ll get. In other words, once we process your scrap, we will send you a check or wire the money directly to you. Checks can be mailed First Class Mail, FedEx Next Day, FedEx 2 Day, and Express Mail. Wire-transfers will appear in your account the day of settlement. Just let us know what’s most convenient for you when you send in your lot.

Cash Transactions

  • First Class Mail: No Charge
  • FedEx Next Day: $15.00
  • FedEx 2 Day: $10.00
  • Express Mail: $25.00
  • Wire-transfer: $5.00 ($500 minimum. Include voided check.)

Regular Mail – This option is subject to USPS Service. There is a $30 stop-payment fee to re-issue a check prior to 10 business days from date issued. If time is of the essence, wire transfer or FedEx is strongly suggested.

Prices subject to change based on zip codes.

2. Choose gold or silver bullion and coins to diversify your investments and protect your wealth. With gold more than doubling in value over the last 5 years, bullion has proven to be a reliable investment.


Coins & Bullion

We have a variety of bullion and coins available:

  • Gold H&S Bullion (25, 10 and 5 Troy Oz)
  • Gold H&S Coin (1 and 1/2 Troy Oz)
  • Gold Eagle Coin (1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/10 Troy Oz)
  • Gold Maple Leaf Coin (1 Troy Oz)
  • Silver H&S Bullion (5-100 Troy Oz)
  • Silver H&S Coin (1 Troy Oz)
  • Silver Eagle Coin (1 Troy Oz

Send us your old jewelry and dental scrap and start enjoying your cash or bullion today!


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