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Ring Blanks

All of our ring blanks are seamless and manufactured from either washers or tubing.

Those metals that cannot be deformed easily are rolled to the appropriate gauge of flat sheet and a washer is cut. The maximum width for a ring produced from a washer is 9.5MM. Tubing is used for the more ductile metals that can withstand the stresses involved in tube forming.

Blanks are parted from the tube, allowing wider blanks to be produced when compared to those manufactured from washers - up to 14MM wide.

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Print the PDF with Tube Selection Chart

TubingHoover & Strong has three options for you to manufacture your seamless rings – from ring tubing, direct cut short tubes/ring blanks, or made to order custom cut ring blanks.

Ring Tubing

Ring tubing is an ideal way for you to have on hand the stock you need at a moment’s notice. By using seamless tubing, you have flexibility on size, height and width at your fingertips. Just cut off what you need from the tube and you’re halfway there!

We offer a comprehensive range of seamless ring tubing in the following metals:


Using our nine standard tubes, the Tube Selection Chart shows the different ring sizes and heights possible from each tube. All heights are in millimeters. O.D. is the outside diameter of the tube and I.D. is the inside diameter of the tube.

How to Use our Tube Selection Chart

Step 1: Go to the row with the ring size you want (or size in millimeters) in the left-hand columns.
Example: size 7 (17.30mm)

Step 2: Follow the ring size row and match the ring height column to determine the Hoover & Strong tube # that you need.
Example: for ring size 7, tube #1 will make a 1.6mm high ring and tube #3 will make a 3.35mm high ring.

Step 3: Decide which tube gives the best overall range for the most popular rings you make. Then order it. It’s that easy!

Our tubes can be purchased in lengths from 12” to 36” in ½” increments. This option offers you the most flexible approach to making your rings – you have complete control over ring size, height, and width at the lowest cost per dwt. Please contact us for custom tube sizes.

Direct Cut Short Tubes/Ring Blanks

If ring tubing is not for you or you need less than 12” of a particular tube, then you need direct cut short tubes/ring blanks. You will still have the flexibility of being able to make various sizes, heights and widths in our tubing metals.

Using the Tube Selection Chart, decide which tube size is for you and order short lengths of tube, or alternately, you can order direct cut ring blanks. These are not machined to any specific size or height. They are cut directly from our tube to the width you specify. You can order multiple widths – as many as you like. Just tell us what you need and we’ll cut them for you. Stocking direct cut short tubes and ring blanks gives you the flexibility of either stocking multiple tube sizes for a lower cost or simply keeping the ring blanks in stock that you require.

Please note that the minimum tube/ring blank width is 1mm.

Made to Order Custom Cut Ring Blanks

Hoover & Strong will also machine ring blanks to the precise size that you require. Although this option is little more expensive, you can order the precise size, height and width you need for individual ring blanks.

For our tubing metals, we can machine rings from size 4 at 1mm high x 1mm wide up to size 12 at 2.85mm high x 12.5mm wide, and anything in between. Again, you can refer to the chart to see our capabilities. If it’s in there, we can machine it for you!

For our other non-tubing metals, we also offer made to order ring blanks in the following size range.
Minimum width: 2mm
Maximum width: 10mm
Minimum height: 1mm
Maximum height: see chart below


Non-Tubing Metals:




Our tubing dimensions are set based on our finger sizes.

Determine outside dimension:
20.5mm outside dimention with a 14mm inside dimension. (SZ 4 TO 5.5)
22.5mm outside dimension with a 16mm inside dimension (SZ 6 TO 7.5)
24mm outside dimension with a 17mm inside dimension (SZ 8 TO 9.5)
25.5mm outside dimension with a 19mm inside dimension (SZ 10 TO 12.5)

Determine the finger size in millimeters:
Example: SIZE 6 = 16.5MM

Determine the height of the band needed:

Multiply your height times 2:

Finger size plus the height (X2) to get OD:
EXAMPLE: 16.5MM + 4MM = 20.5MM

Determine Circumference:
From a Flat Sheet:
Finger Size plus the height (X2) times 3.14
.648" + .160" = .808"
.808" x 3.14 = 2.537"

  Determing Ring Blank Lengths


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