10-05-22 Metal Markets
Gold $1,700.50
Silver $20.44
Platinum $920.00
Palladium $2,278.00
Iridium $4,050.00
Ruthenium $495.00
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The Hoover & Strong Experts

George HooverMessage from George Hoover, CEO

Innovation and change continue to drive the business that my grandfather Jay started 109 years ago. He would be proud and amazed at our new refining operations. We now can recover up to 99% of your scrap, sort and recycle your diamonds and pay you within 24 hours.

Expansion in our jewelry division brings you a full line of machine set bands, a large online selection of HARMONY recycled diamonds and a full service casting department able to fill any size order.

Change is good, but the one constant in our 109 years is our commitment to excellent quality and honest service. I sincerely thank you for your business and look forward to continuing our relationship.



Torry HooverMessage from Torry Hoover, President

Our mission is to provide you with the most innovative, high quality, eco-friendly jewelry products available, along with the exceptional customer service you’ve become accustomed to. Like other manufacturers in the jewelry industry in recent years, Hoover & Strong has dealt with our share of various challenges due to the ever-changing economy and metal market fluctuations. We feel however, that the future is bright!

Important measures, including the implementation of proven LEAN processes at Hoover & Strong, are being taken to improve our production, quality control and speed throughout the facility. We have expanded our Silver Mill to handle orders of virtually any volume. And, we are doubling our findings component inventory and draw stock of mill products to improve delivery!

You can expect MORE from Hoover & Strong!

  • Faster Delivery
  • Improved Quality Control
  • New Products like Machine Set Bands and Mix and Match Settings and Shanks
  • Over 30,000 Harmony products made by Hoover & Strong, the greenest jewelry manufacturer and refiner in the world
  • Recycled Harmony Diamonds - the environmentally-friendly option that allows our jewelers to make and sell 100% recycled jewelry
  • Harmony Artisanal Gold — traceable, responsible, artisanally-mined gold

We look forward to serving you in 2021 and for years to come! To our loyal customers, thank you for your continued support of US jewelry manufacturing, our families, and our ongoing recycling and conservation efforts. To our new customers, we welcome you to the Hoover & Strong family!

Torry, son of George Hoover, started with the company in 1981 while going to night school at VCU. While there, Torry wrote a college term paper which detailed the expansion of Hoover & Strong by diversifying into finding products. Ten years later in 1991, Hoover and Strong purchased Baker/Fendt Findings (the company Torry selected in his college paper) and expanded its products to include diestruck findings. Torry became Sales/Marketing VP from 1985-2001.

In 2001, he was named President of Hoover & Strong. Torry is an expert in his field, having worked all jobs within the refinery and the manufacturing facility at one time or another. He also designs and makes jewelry and can answer any questions you may have about the jewelry industry.



Stewart Grice - VP Mill/Refining

Stewart Grice is the Vice President of Mill and Refining. His qualifications include degrees in both Physics & Materials Science, and a Masters in Metallurgy & Materials. He is a Professional Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, and a Chartered Engineer with the Engineering Council of Great Britain. He co-authored the Precious Metals chapter of the ASM International Metals Handbook on Metallurgy and Microstructures, has had publications in Gold Technology and other trade journals and magazines.

He has presented nine papers at the Santa Fe Symposium® on Jewelry Manufacturing Technology, and also co-authored seven papers, and is the recipient of seven awards. Stewart has twice presented at the MJSA "Great Minds of Jewelry" seminars.

Stewart has 20+ years experience in the jewelry industry working in alloy and process design, technical support, and production management. He has been a member of numerous councils and committees within the jewelry industry. He also has six years experience in industrial ceramic research. If you have a question, he has the answer.

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