06-09-23 Metal Markets
Gold $1,960.30
Silver $24.32
Platinum $1,001.00
Palladium $1,324.00
Iridium $4,600.00
Ruthenium $465.00
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Why Choose
Hoover & Strong?

Making you feel comfortable is important to us!

At Hoover & Strong, we are committed to being the most reliable refiner in the business, providing our customers with competitive prices, fast processing and exceptional personal service.

Hoover & Strong has been in the refining business for over 108 years. We have evolved to become a leader in the industry, operating the most environmentally friendly refinery in the world. Our reputation is based on honesty, high quality products and service to our customers. Our state-of-the-art facility is fully equipped so you can rest assured that your material is in good hands through all steps of the refining process.

Our commitment to providing our customers with honest and fair returns is the reason we are the industry leader in gold, silver, platinum and palladium refining! We aim to make your experience with us both pleasurable and satisfying so that you are always delighted with our service.

We Offer:

Industry Leading Payouts - Our expertise and technology allows us to reclaim the highest amount of precious metals from your scrap. Because of this, we can offer the highest returns in the industry.

We Pay Top Dollar and We Pay it Quickly - There is NO middle man. We will always pay you the maximum possible return on your scrap metal and there are no hidden fees. Each item we receive is carefully evaluated for weight and precious metal content so that you receive fair compensation. Upon receipt of your metal, we process your scrap and send payment to you within 48 hours.

Free Shipping - Simply ship your material to Hoover & Strong using the FREE, insured FedEx shipping label.

Cash, Bullion or Coin Payment - For your convenience, we offer two payment options. Choose cash and we'll send you a check, or if you prefer, you may want your return in fine gold or silver bullion and coins. It's your choice.

No Minimum Lot Size - We will be happy to refine lots of any size so don’t hesitate to ship as little as you like.

SCS Certified Responsible RefineryWe are an Eco-Friendly Refiner - We pride ourselves on utilizing environmentally-friendly refining techniques that always exceed federal, state and local environmental regulations.

In April 2012, SCS Global Services, a globally-recognized independent third party sustainability expert, certified us as a Responsible Refiner. This certification confirms our ongoing commitment to the environment and to our customers who demand ethical practices with minimal environmental impact.

We will continue our efforts to be the most eco-friendly refiner in the industry. You can trust Hoover & Strong to be your "green" refiner!


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